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GET SMART got it right!

June 11, 2013
Did you say it was "snowing" chief?

Did you say it was “snowing” chief?

We need to go back to the 1960’s to GET SMART. It seems we GOT STUPID with our top spy agency NSA. National Security Agency can’t secure it’s own stuff? It seems we got a “rent a spy” agency send over Snowden. Now this temporary worker was able to get into top secret files, that few NSA employees can get into? It would be as stupid as seeing a mall security guarding President. To make this even funnier than GET SMART, the guy was being paid $200,000 by his company. You know that means our government was paying his company $400,000 for his services that paid Snowden $200,000.

GOT STUPID group of today seems without a clue on how their security billions of dollars budget allowed a rent a cop walk out with secrets. TV agent Smart was a lot of fun. Our current White House doesn’t seem interested in managing anything. National Security is most important service of government, except when President has to blab about SEAL TEAM 6 to brag about killing Osama plus letting a movie group make a propaganda movie for him.

What about the top secret “cone of silence” device? I loved that bit when nobody could hear what anyone was saying because it was so secret you had to talk inside the “cone of silence”? Smart was a bungling funny television character. Eric Holder “losing” weapons that murdered hundreds in Mexico and our own security agent is not a joke. Obama getting high and mighty reassuring us that all this bungling and losing secrets is necessary to keep track of your grandmother and the neighbor kid for keeping us safe. Obama has Syria using the secret weapons we said Iraq never had, and he’s thinking over for 5 years on a response. Life would be safer with Smart than our current crew GOT STUPID.

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