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Our top security organization has hired guard steal their secrets?

June 10, 2013
Edward Snowden tells GUARDIAN why but do we know how?

Edward Snowden tells GUARDIAN why but do we know how?

Edward Snowden was not an employee of the USA. He was a contactor invited into the inner sanctum of stuff spies don’t even get to see. It might seem curious that if you were working at a jewelry store, why would you be allowed free access into the vault? So young Eddie can know how we operate our magic factory of snooping? So how can a contractor take off premises a massive amount of specific operating procedures and facts? Were all the regular staff and managers at a multi million dollar conference paid by us dumb tax payers?

Our top security experts could not track down Snowden before he shows up in Hong Kong? What about all the credit card transactions they can track? What about all the phone call numbers they can track? What about all the emails they can track? What about his passport checking into airport? DUH!? FBI, CIA, NSA found him because GUARDIAN newspaper interviewed young Eddie in Hong Kong! We need to hire foreign reporters to get facts. Our reporters are too busy taking propaganda sheets from White House instead of investigating anything.

You mean that all the millions of dollars spent for video surveillance, secured and restricted areas within the NSA, a contractor can walk out with stuff and fly to Hong Kong? That makes me feel very secure. When a idiot threatens to blow up a plane by lighting his shoe, where are the “secret” sky marshals? It’s always the citizens that get the crazy guy. How about the Boston bomber? SWAT teams by thousands did not get the guy, it was a guy out for a smoke found him hiding! This guy wasn’t wearing a 35 pound flack jacket, 15 pound helmet, and enough ammunition to shoot all his neighbors. He was smoking a cigarette and found the guy that shut down Boston!

It’s nice to have help when there’s trouble. Don’t count on help when you need it. Our SECURITY procedures are for pencil pushers and video gamers. The real world security we citizens need, needs to be in your gun locker.

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