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What have you got to hide? Don’t ask about my secrets!

June 9, 2013

“The GOVERNMENT” is not a person.  GOVERNMENT executive branch is a combination of elected officials and President appointed executives, and administrative staff hired that is not to be prejudiced by political affiliation.  So GOVERNMENT is not Joe Citizen.  GOVERNMENT relies upon money from Joe and Jane Citizen.  Our fearless leader is concerned that Joe and Jane Citizen may be upset about the government attitude toward citizen rights.

An agency created by the GOVERNMENT is TSA.  They had no problem using technology to see through Citizen clothing for airport screening.  TSA did not intercept the “shoe bomber” because airline passengers did that.  Where the hell are the secret sky marshals on flights?  Why is it ALWAYS the passengers that have to subdue idiots saying they will blow up the plane?

NSA is the super secret agency we are not supposed to ask and they don’t have to tell.  You can be arrested for intercepting bank records of neighbors, and intercepting their email by devious means.  NSA already has that information.

Obama is concerned that Joe and Jane Citizen are now ruining our super secret snooping to protect Joe and Jane Citizen.

Joe and Jane Citizen are not switching to offshore banking to keep their affairs private.  Joe and Jane Citizen are not switching off their cell phones to protect their privacy.  However, Obama demands complete privacy and secrecy on what he is doing to Joe and Jane Citizen.  Heck, all of his executive branch don’t want to use government official email sites for Joe and Jane Citizen to reach their government officials.  His executive branch uses dummy email accounts with fake names to hide from Joe and Jane Citizen.  Are they all doing top-secret stuff because they are all secret agents in protecting our security?

So we are being kept safe by all this snooping we are told by the GOVERNMENT.  The top law officer of our country is Eric Holder.  He is hounding the few investigative journalists there are left in the USA with subpoena and claims of conspiracy.  Most of the press people spend time on celebrity interviews for publicity, and bothering people at disaster sites of tornado, hurricane, and floods.   So can Eric Holder explain what he is doing to get back illegal weapons his agency distributed to Mexico drug dealers?  So can Eric Holder explain what he is doing to track down security leaks in the GOVERNMENT?  We got more people in prison and jail and this makes criminals a valuable part of the economic boom to lawyers, police, and prison towns.  We never been richer with criminal imprisonment economy!

Things are so secret, Clint Eastwood could only talk to an empty chair.

Things are so secret, Clint Eastwood could only talk to an empty chair.

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