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Proud to be monitored by NSA! Welcome to Hobo Jungle!

June 6, 2013
Empty suit in chair of POTUS

Empty suit in chair of POTUS

Get your affairs in order, all readers of Hoboduke Nonsense. Besides tracking all cell phone numbers dialed in the USA, besides releasing IRS confidential files on conservative political donors to Harry Reid’s cronies, besides ignoring the brutal murders of our ambassador and 3 U.S. citizens in Libya, NOW WE LEARN HOW SCREWED WE ARE!

The commercial news media that is largely gossip columnists and celebrity interviews is being monitored by Attorney General for conspiracy? The NSA is tracking all blogs, images, email, and twitter twattle. So, we are reduced to meeting at night in unlit alleys to have any chance at privacy! We won’t wear a trench coat to be mistaken for the secret agents wandering our streets at night following us around. Oh yes, don’t have to even look out for spy folk, because the drones are buzzing overhead.

It’s time to move into a cave and throw away all internet and wireless devices. Or just overload the database by blogging every 5 minutes on how cute your cat or your baby on the potty! Also it’s time to set up coded communication. In other words, you need the key to understand the seeming nonsense that reads like gibberish. The code tonight is 63Kursinn, and set your short wave radio after decoding this blog. Be safe.

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