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June is LGBT Pride month by proclamation of Obama!

June 2, 2013
Why won't president dance with Eric Holder?

Why won’t president dance with Eric Holder?

Forget about unemployment, homeless parents and children, and no budget yet for 2013 from our President. What is most important to our fearless leader is the promotion of LGBT priorities. Yes, we want everyone to include and honor lesbians (girls only), gays (must be the guys instead of the gals), bisexual (confusing and undecided sex), and transgender (boys will be girls, and girls will be boys)

Sexual assault in military is not what we straight people expect of a man and woman. Sexual assault biggest percentage is GAY soldier assault on unwilling straight soldier. Don’t ask and don’t tell if you have been sodomized by a gay soldier. President doesn’t want to know about that most sexual assaults are by gays in military.

What is the role of our President? How about letting parents indulge in marijuana? Now most drug poisonings are now the children of drug users who eat harmless social drugs! Keep thinking of the Bible story on God disgusted with depravity and deviant behavior in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The just and righteous were instructed to leave before destruction of the evil cities.

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