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The unsung hero today, THE INSPECTOR GENERAL!

May 29, 2013

Big bad John  is 6 foot 4 of muscles, broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip, and nobody gave lip to big bad John!  Big John!  Big bad John!  For all you tenderfoots, that was the only hit song Jimmy Dean ever made.  Jimmy Dean the pork sausage king is ok in my book.  It was a ballad on a man who met the challenge of doom in the mine deep underground.  He held up the breaking timber supports, so that he could save all except himself.  So today, we keep hearing about “the inspector general” in Washington D.C.

The head of the IRS did not dare get involved with the total chaos swirling about his department with rogue IRS bureaucrats harassing billionaires, millionaires, and poor folks if they were TEA party.  The head of the IRS said he could not interfere in actually managing his department, because…? THE INSPECTOR GENERAL was on the job!

Obviously, THE INSPECTOR GENERAL has to be a tough hombre.  Don’t cross THE INSPECTOR GENERAL.  Or what?  Don’t even ask!  It’s too terrible to explain the gruesome details!  He’s tougher, then the mythical Big Bad John celebrated in song.

The president of our country had no idea the IRS was incompetent, and targeting his political opposition.  He claimed it was good that we have THE INSPECTOR GENERAL involved, and he will just wait to hear what is proclaimed from the mountaintop by THE INSPECTOR GENERAL!  Yes, the president will not dare interfere with THE INSPECTOR GENERAL!  That is awesome power!  The president has no problem on firing and changing generals in the military that will do what he wants.  THE INSPECTOR GENERAL is much more powerful than any military general.  You can’t fire or change people as THE INSPECTOR GENERAL!

However, THE INSPECTOR GENERAL was conducting an “audit” and not investigating anything.  When the accountants are going over the books, do you tiptoe around and not do anything?  Are you waiting for THE INSPECTOR GENERAL to tell you what to do?  Where does THE INSPECTOR GENERAL get his power?  He doesn’t have any special powers.  The president enjoys fairy tales about the white knight, THE INSPECTOR GENERAL!  The president wants us to know, that THE INSPECTOR GENERAL will confirm that it’s not his fault.  Probably, THE INSPECTOR GENERAL is eating a box full of Krispy Kreme donuts and reading the sports section of the newspaper.  The audit is done, but the president has instructed that no report is to be released until 2016.



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