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England sees the dangers of an open door to Muslims.

May 25, 2013
Europe fought 300 years to rid themselves of Muslims.

Europe fought 300 years to rid themselves of Muslims.

Europe is now suffering with the scourge of Muslim terrorism. Of course the peasants and common folk are ready to riot against their governments. The liberal powers in European governments had an open door policy to allow Islamic extremists enter their countries. Yes, there is an uprising ready to explode. The citizens of these countries are ready to drive out the Islamic terrorists without the approval of the governments too weak to lead.

I am prepared to wear the tunic and cape of a crusader to preserve the cross of Christianity. We are on the verge of a new crusade to fight the evil scourge of the Middle East terrorists. These terrorists declared war on women, children, and defenseless civilians. It is time for the Knights Templar to return.

The new enemy beheads, blows up with bombs hidden among crowds, and demands all to bow to their perverted Sharia law.  Our ambassador was butchered and they defiled his corpse.  These are worse than beasts with atrocities animals would not commit.

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