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Memorial Day 2013 has too many new graves

May 24, 2013
This national holiday is to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the USA.

This national holiday is to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the USA.

This is a time to honor the memory of our military who protect our freedom. They stood up to the enemies of our country to keep us free from tyranny. God bless the sons and daughters of our country who willingly went into battle, and too many never returned to their families and friends. Their memories should be cherished and honored.

Do not contaminate their noble pure hearts with political nonsense that pollutes our love of the USA. I see no reason to include or recognize the apologists who need to blame the USA for war. Excuse me, but the USA never has conquered, over run, or taken over any country the history of our existence. We have died in foreign lands, and left to come home after the war was won

Our current administration has included some nonsense that pains me and torments the families of those who sacrificed. Why include some Muslim cleric to curse to hell the military dead returned to our shore? Why pretend we need to feel guilty on our success? Defeat, failure, and begging for hand outs will make us noble? Our rules of engagement that tie the hands of our military have increased the fatalities for no reason. Helicopter missions do not get support artillery because it might be too damaging in a battle zone? The only military knowledge the current administration gained is from video games. These desk jockeys are killing too many of our sons and daughters. We need to especially honor the sacrifice needlessly made of our country in Benghazi.

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