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Obama drones on and on and on speech. Wake me up!

May 23, 2013
Obama speech beats longest speeches by Fidel and Nikita!  WOW!

Obama speech beats longest speeches by Fidel and Nikita! WOW!

What a great day for a speech that never ends! President Obama topic was a lecture on NATIONAL DEFENSE. Buried inside the endless droning on and on speech was this gem. He knows that the Benghazi terrorist attack was NOT Al Quada! I went into Fleet Farm to get some stuff when he started his speech. He wasted a great deal of time reminding us about 9/11/2001 and what happened. DUH? Do we need a lecture on 9/11/2001? He is the one that now proclaims 9/11/2001 as COMMUNITY ORGANIZER DAY instead of remembering the terrorists are evil and merciless.

When I came back about 20 minutes later, my car radio had him talking and talking?! The more he talks, the less he says. Of course he can claim “I said that” in any 2 hour speech because he says so much garbage nobody pays attention anyway! Fidel Castro did have some 4 hour speeches, and we can only look forward to Obama getting ready for this marathon speech. Nikita Kruschev speeches were like watching professional wrestlers. His face turned 10 shades of red as his neck bulged and his suit would rip as he pounded on the podium. That was speechifying!

Obama is more of a college professor speech where students turn on their tape recorders and leave the lecture hall. The reporters stuck at this event are drinking the night away to recuperate. Oh yeah, we don’t have enough courtroom evidence to bring in the Benghazi killers! REALLY? The terrorists are laughing at us spin around following our professor lost in the real world.

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