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IRS political attack on TEA Party denied by Lois Lerner! WOW!

May 22, 2013

The congressional hearing to investigate the political attack activities from the IRS had a model manager from the IRS today.  Lois Lerner made the grand entrance to speak down to the impudent congress interrogators.  She lectured them that she was a model bureaucrat that had no flaws!  However, she could not be bothered to answer any questions!  So there!

All of the upper level managers are all perfectly honest, upstanding, decent liars.  NOBODY KNEW!  NOBODY HAD A CLUE!  GEE, IF WE ONLY KNEW?  How can you be so dumb to expect anybody to take that load of bull shit?  Lois Lerner marched out proudly with the unmistakable scent of bull shit surrounding her halo painted on herself.

I like my villains to be honest and in your face evil and menacing.  I detest cowards who hide after they tried to kill the TEA Party by a thousand cuts from bureaucrats that only need 500 more pages of facts before they consider your application.  I would slap anyone of those smug sarcastic liars instead of asking a question to which they only can say “I don’t know!!”

I am a perfect IRS manager so kiss my ass!

I am a perfect IRS manager so kiss my ass!

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