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The government wants you to worship the bureaucrats!

May 19, 2013
Pray that the government does not knock on your door.

Pray that the government does not knock on your door.

It is normal procedure in a perverted reality that bureaucrats demand to know much to give us little. If applying to be a non-profit registered group of citizens, be prepared to tell all. Transcript of every speech made at the group is required. What prayers are recited and who was there? Do you or any of your family intend to run for any public office? Send us the list of all members, donors, and people you have contacted. We will send you follow-up forms to fill out over the next 2 years, if your group is labeled Christian or “conservative”. However, if you are “green”, “progressive”, or “union” then we don’t need all that and it only takes 45 days!

Internal Revenue Service can garnish wages, force sale of property, send you to prison if you are seen to be in violation of thousands of rules and regulations. However, we citizens have no restrictions or limitations that can be placed on the IRS. We can only bend over and accept our becoming slaves to the government we fund. The government can spend a fortune on harassing and attacking us, because they keep taking more money from us.

All of the members of congress that are questioning the IRS in hearings can expect a lot of audits, tax penalties, and visits from the Justice Department on irregularities in their tax filings.

Having our personal medical records, our health insurance premiums, our health insurance benefit payments, and approval of health insurance coverage all controlled by the IRS is a grim future.  I am going to donate and support any member of congress standing up to STOP IRS control of new health care law.

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