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Remember the Boston Tea Party?

May 19, 2013

The major irritant in being a colonial under British rule was no say on taxation.  “No taxation without representation!”  That was the battle cry.  It seems beyond belief, that the new ruling elite are not imperial royalty.  The new ruling elite are imperial government employees.  You can’t fire them.  You can’t take away their pension entitlements or health benefits.  You can’t do anything to them but give them bonus money?

Our current day T.E.A. party (Taxed Enough Already) faced audits, harassment by NLRB, EPA, OSHA, Homeland Security.  It seems, bureaucrats view the TEA party as a threat to their fat cat lives.  Morale building 2 week retreats in Hawaii, is normal even if we are in a free fall recession!  Throwing around tax money for bonus money with low threshold performance requirements is a joke.  The lazy union lifetime employees make France and Greece seem models of efficiency!

So the modern ruling class of tyranny is crying foul!  Congressional hearings are irritating the lifetime leeches sucking us dry.  The arena of congressional hearings is like the Roman Circus to make the stupid poor rabble compliant to endless taxation.  Congress promises to handle the problem.  Last time we checked, Congress gave the Social Security an IOU for a couple of trillion dollars we don’t have in the Treasury for the “boomers” entering retirement.  Last time we checked, Congress approved the new health care law giving the IRS control over a couple of trillion dollars annually from fines, taxes, and health insurance premiums.

So fellow Americans, here we are.  Do we trust Congress to follow through to protect us as representatives of the people.  Or do we consider the cold brutal reality that nobody in Washington D.C. cares about us common folk?  Let me ask my black brothers and sisters, if they see an improvement for themselves and their relatives?  Let me ask the Jewish community, if they like being targeted by the IRS like us TEA people?  The congressional hearings are more important than many consider.  We will discover if we are a government of the people for the people.  We currently have a government using the people for the benefit of the ruling class of government leeches.

The self-appointed ruling class elite of reporters, lobbyists, lawyers, and lifetime political hacks view the TEA party as stupid buffoons.  We don’t know our way around the social calendar of the ruling class in the power centers of our country.  We know the TEA people may not be perfect, but I trust them more than the ruling class more concerned on their next elite event than the future of our nation.

Who are these TEA party idiots?

Who are these TEA party idiots?


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  1. May 19, 2013 3:23 pm

    Great writes today…your right on.
    Those reps who do vote for taxes, well their constituents should pay while those of us who have reps that actually represent us and don’t vote for healthcare or increases in taxes should not have to subjected to the erroneous votes…Taxation with representation to those who send these idiots to D.C., so let the idiots pay.

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