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Obama made it rain! Tomorrow the sun will rise, thanks to Obama!

May 17, 2013
Obama calls in the marines, to hold his umbrella!

Obama calls in the marines, to hold his umbrella!

How can Obama handle a new health care system, overlook or I mean oversee the IRS, forget about Benghazi calls for help, and stay out of the rain? We need to split up our government to a size Obama can manage, and not make it bigger.

Obama didn’t know what the IRS was doing? He thinks Kerry got the Russians helping us in Syria? Russia idea of helping us in Syria is to ship new rockets! The only people Obama can boss around are his political stooges. Foreign governments ignore him. Obviously the IRS doesn’t pay attention to reporting to anyone what they want to do? How will 16,000 new out of control IRS agents be managed for Obamacare?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. The commercial news media is not intelligent enough to go past Obama saying “I don’t know.” Obama doesn’t know anything, except how to tell us that we need to follow his model for the future? Does he know what Obamacare will do? Probably not, but why worry. Commercial news media wants to show reporters in hurricanes, bombings, murders, and don’t bother researching anything beyond “boom”, “bang”, and “autopsy report”.

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