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Who is running our country?

May 13, 2013
We didn't 'know and nobody told us!

We didn’t ‘know and nobody told us!

It seems our president doesn’t know about anything until the commercial media informs him! In “press conference” today, he claims the Internal Revenue Service targeting TEA PARTY type groups didn’t come to his attention until he read the newspaper last Friday. Does he have somebody on his executive staff that is supposed to manage the IRS? Or is our president just occupying the white house and waiting for his newspaper?

However, president doesn’t believe what he reads in the newspaper about Benghazi? So what is it? What source of information can the population of the USA rely upon? Do we want a president that reads the newspaper to us? Or do we want a president that is managing the executive branch, and is anticipating instead of reacting too late on everything?

Gee, Benghazi just happened. President couldn’t do anything.

What about the Secretary of Health and Human Services Sibelius? She was extorting and shaking down corporations to “donate” money for her propaganda project of OBAMACARE. Did the president know what his staff is doing? Or did he first learn of this in the newspaper?

What newspaper should run our country? Our president can’t do anything without the newspaper.  Is it PRAVDA from Russia?  Which newspaper should run our country? I like THE STAR and NATIONAL ENQUIRER. They report better than the beltway insider newspapers.

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