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Benghazi hearings prove US anti-Muslim video killed US citizens

May 9, 2013
We knew the anti-Muslim video killed our ambassador!

We knew the anti-Muslim video killed our ambassador!

The Democrat members of the House hearings on the killing of 4 of us in Libya proved what President Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice said before. It was the anti-Muslim video that killed our citizens. No one has taken credit from the Central Intelligence Agency for creating the whopper that the video was the cause of death. But Hillary and Susan both insist that the CIA forced them to eat that bull shit.

That movie video incited mothers and fathers to storm the embassy. It was a coincidence that they all carried Russian AK47 machine guns, rocket launchers, and had mortars to bomb the embassy compound. These weapons were furnished by Attorny General Holder as part of his fast and furious weapons program. Why, when, and where will the video guy we arrested will stand trials for these murders?

The hearings make it clear that our President could not be held at fault, because he was busy in Las Vegas, and he did not make that video. Secretary Clinton sent her lawyer to delay any congress investigators from jumping to the wrong conclusion that Muslim terrorists attacked the embassy. Susan Rice perfected her spell binding story on how the video that nobody has seen in the USA, incited tens of thousands to riot on US properties around the mid east on 9/11/2012.

Case closed and nothing worth investigating. The widows and parents of the murdered citizens don’t have to ask any more questions. It’s over, and death is a part of life. Especially when you are dragged out to be shot by Muslim terrorists. That’s part of life, so nothing more to talk about.

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