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Where are Al Gore and President Obama on EARTH DAY?

April 22, 2013

The world is coming to an end!  We have destroyed the climate and the end is near!  How can Al Gore and President Obama ignore EARTH DAY?  I did enjoy the litany of EARTH DAY archives from Rush Limbaugh.  I remember the actual concern and fear that I might not survive to my 30th birthday due to the sun being block from view by polluted air.  The crops would wilt and the population of the world would lead to mass starvation and riots.  The oil reserves would be depleted by 1980.  With these dire predictions by the best scientists I am amazed we’re not dead and doomed.

Does anyone remember how OZONE would doom us?! Probably not because it never happened. Anyone remember how we would boil to death in an oven like heat? Gee that was only 10 years ago we kept hearing that bullshit. Oh yeah, the last 10 years the earth climate has cooled and not heated up. Never mind, it’s now CLIMATE CHANGE because we can’t make up our mind if it’s getting hot or cold. Because the “scientists” don’t have to predict anything. Scientists are like the wizards of the dark ages. THese are the new dark ages with zombie courses in college and drug festivals in Denver, and end of the world cults.

Now we have a fresh crop of scientists that tell us that we can’t make it to next century without dire consequences.  We must pay for our poor stewardship.  Man will become extinct, and bugs will take over the world.  REALLY?!  Are these scientist the students of the now ancient clueless scientists that were full of crap back in the 1960’s and the 1970’s?  How about the current students that have endured these new bullshit scientists as their teachers in college?  We keep getting a new generation of scientists brain washed by end of the world science.  We know the world will end.  We know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  The new doom scientists are so wrong again, it’s a joke.

I propose that all of the dire prediction nonsense from the last 40 years should be put into a museum titled WE ARE DOOMED, SCIENTISTS ARE STUPID!  I have enjoyed eating tuna for the last 50 years.  The oceans are so  polluted and have so much mercury, I should be a thermometer or long dead.  I will continue to eat tuna and ignore the dire predictions.

Scientists are basically a cult that is funded by the government to tell us that we are doomed every year.  Then the candidate for President will have us make sacrifices that won’t do anything just to appease the scientists.  Lets have cars that drive 500 miles per gallon!  What do we do with all the oil sloshing underground?  What is it good for?

We need money to feed you nonsense  lableled SCIENCE!

We need money to feed you nonsense labeled SCIENCE!


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