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We are too nice and polite.

April 21, 2013
Outside meddlers got zip from Wisconsin.  We support our own.

Outside meddlers got zip from Wisconsin. We support our own.

We don’t want to offend anyone.  We want to avoid controversy that might irritate anyone.  Suppose you were a young lady getting a beauty treatment.  Suppose the lady providing the service starts rattling on and on about how the 9/11/2001 massacre by Islam extremists was all a government plot by the USA to blame Muslims.  Would you sit and smile and endure the endless crap about how the USA kills their own people to blame Muslims?  How about  telling the bubble head to shut up before I slap you silly?  At the very least, do you tell your friends on how crazy she is?  Of course not.  You keep going back to her because she’s cheap.

The mom of the killers was brainwashing her children on how the USA is out to get the Muslims.  This young lady keeps going to her beauty salon because it was cheap.  In a very basic level, the Muslim terrorists use our money.  This wacky Muslim mom raised the 2 killer sons from Boston.  One of her clients observed continually the mom going on and on about the conspiracy of the USA to blame 9/11 on Muslim terrorists.  I believe in freedom of speech, because you are free to hang yourself by your stupid mouth.  Terrorists and their proud moms know they are right, and the rest of the world is wrong.  Afraid to say, mom is not always right.

“What are you doing?”  “Are you nuts?”  “What planet are you from?”  Any of these are acceptable statements when in the presence of a babbling and obnoxious person.  We don’t need to be push overs to be polite.  I prefer people of the USA be in your face and confront obnoxious and offensive people.

I am not interested in just watching people protest the USA and scream about shutting down our country.  I advocate that we all become pushy about our own rights to speak our mind on what’s important for the USA.  If you meet me at the local supper club in Wisconsin, then you can believe that we all  enjoy knowing where you are from and what are you doing?  We are interested in people. We want to know who you know.  We will talk to strangers who sit down by us.

Yes there are some loud conversations over the bar.  We are boisterous and loud.  Hope you don’t object, because we don’t care.  No offense, but somebody that prohibits beer, wine, cocktails, or brandy is suspicious from day one.

The wacko beautician with the killer sons did more damage to Boston than she would have with intervention.  Some in your face response from the people who knew her crazy views might have made a difference.  Too late to know now.




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