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Fanatics cannot accept any other point of view! Nothing can be EVIL

April 20, 2013

So what motivates anybody to go out to blow up children and destroy families with violence?  The self-centered egotistical fanatic lives with the belief that the terrorist has discovered the only true path to utopia.  The irony is that most utopia visionaries take you through hell instead of reaching a heaven on earth.  But consider that the iron will dedication to prevail, allows any extreme action to be accepted by the terrorist as for the greater good.  “Good?”  Yes, they want to help the idiots that don’t accept their all-consuming vision of what is needed to make the world fit into their master plan.  Obviously, their master plan is ugly, brutal, and not a nice place.  The brothers from Chechnya had deluded themselves that mass destruction would change the world to their beliefs?

Don’t tell me they were insane.  They sanely went about their bloody business. Tell me they were stupid, because to set up their plan was stupid.  Blowing up families will convert the USA to Islam?  The love and fellowship exhibited in Boston is the power of love to prevail over hate and oppose EVIL.  When anyone accepts to embrace EVIL in order to achieve a higher good, then they are agents of EVIL with no redeeming value.  At this point, we need to oppose and destroy the agents of EVIL.

The attempts by our current politician in chief to create opposing camps  is fanning the flames of creating fanatics.  If you oppose accepting proposed gun limits, then you are a bad person who wants to kill school children.  If you oppose accepting homosexual marriage, then you are hateful and despicable to deny happiness to gay couples.   We do not need to create hatred and animosity because someone does not accept your opinion.  Opinions are not the same as sacred proclamations of some self-appointed deity.

We have people hostile and condescending to the concept of EVIL.   Fanatics hate opposing views and have no problem accepting violence to kill opposition.  We can’t judge anybody, we need to accept everybody.  Anything anybody wants to do has to be accepted including a professor that bombed and killed as a student.  (Bill Ayers is a bomber who is getting money from our government!)  We can’t discriminate or deny you your freedom. Unless we want to take away freedom to protect yourself, or the freedom to only grant a marriage license between a man and a woman.  Turning a blind eye to the sources of EVIL does not remove the threats by agents of EVIL.

Stalin and Mao Tse Tung killed millions as those countries ignored EVIL and allowed their basic rights and beliefs be torn down brick by brick by the governments.  The Government is not the source of our strength.  We the people empower the government to harness the talents and strengths of our citizens for the greater good.  Leaders of government are not our spiritual leaders.  They are only men and women like us.  Only fanatics delude themselves into killing people and oppressing people for some sort of “good” that is EVIL.

Yes we killed a lot of people to be in power.  So what?  We won!

Yes we killed a lot of people to be in power. So what? We won!


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