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Evil does not respond to kindness, it kills you instead.

April 19, 2013
The blood of killed in LIbya on Hillary's hands but she does an apology video to killers?

The blood of killed in LIbya on Hillary’s hands but she does an apology video to killers?

The murder and mayhem at Boston with terrorist bombs at Marathon finish line confirms one thing for sure. Being polite, friendly, nice, and trying to understand evil people only kills more people. Evil people are like mad dogs that need to be put down. If a mad dog was attacking your child, you can call 911 or you can take out a gun and kill the dog. OF course, it’s not nice to have a gun. It’s not nice to kill a dog. A mad dog needs to be killed. There is no nice or communication with a mad dog. You kill the dog.

By being open to all points of view on Jihad call to murder and mayhem of Muslim terrorists is an open invitation to get killed by evil people. I don’t want to undertand their point of view. The brothers who killed and maimed many in Boston went to the public schools. Did the instruction at public school include sharing empathy on Jihad and it’s okay to be a Muslim terrorist? Did they get to laugh and ridicule the principles of the USA in class? Do we even bother with the Pledge of Allegience since it might offend terrorists in training at school?

What’s wrong with the USA is the nonsense that we need to understand and have empathy with any evil bastard that ignores our values. We are a Christian God fearing nation founded by pilgrims who came here for religious freedom. We citizens of the USA don’t need to apologize for an anti Muslim video like Hillary Clinton. We need to eliminate the killers of our Ambassador and staff of Libya. Evil responds to force by shrinking back. You do not appease evil. You oppose evil.

Citizens of the USA cannot believe that if you are nice to people, that they will kill you without any doubt. Citizens of the USA do not want to accept EVIL. Yes, there is EVIL in the world. Those who embrace EVIL, made their choice. I am not a priest or a minister. I accept the simplest and safest solution. Kill evil people. I refuse to debate the merits of labeling someone as evil. We know what is evil. There are bad people that do bad things, including murder by jealousy or greed. Then there are evil people that do not consider people as anything. The vision of the world order that fits their evil mind allows Hitler to murder Jews, allows Stalin to murder families of political enemies, allows Mao Tse Tung to kill millions that might oppose his “cultural revolution”. Idiot news media lap dogs did not even bark at these acts of evil. New York Times Newspaper had a reporter who proclaimed Stalin had a worker’s paradise for the proletariat in death camps called labor camps.

Evil cannot be defeated, but the followers of evil can be killed.

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  1. May 3, 2013 7:16 pm

    you’re an ignorant fool.
    close minded,
    you are the evil tool.
    Sometimes, I wonder why I waste time commenting on your brilliant postings?

    • hoboduke permalink*
      May 3, 2013 7:19 pm

      There can be no evil, if there is no heirarchy of religious beliefs on good and evil. Stuff happens and people get killed. Don’t get your blood pressure elevated higher than your intellect.

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