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POTUS focused like a laser on creating jobs?

April 7, 2013

Happy Days are here again!  Since the roof caved in, and the floor collapsed at the start of 2009 our fearless leader promised to  focus on getting more jobs for the unemployed.  Then he spent 2 years on Obama care after throwing 850 billion dollars out of the window and hoping poor people would catch some of the stimulus money.  Most of it went to politically connected donors and political bosses, so a few pennies wound up on the sidewalk around the country you could stoop down to pick up a few pennies from 850 billion dollars?!  Wow that was a great help?

So the federal statistics on private sector jobs reported that in one month across the entire country 88,000 people find part-time jobs and a few full-time jobs!  WOW!  North Korea created more jobs by reopening his UN banned nuclear operations for weapons.  Mexico is starting to intercept US citizens sneaking into Mexico for jobs.  Russia created more jobs.  NORTH DAKOTA is basically creating new jobs for the entire country!!    We could have 500,000 oil and gas energy jobs that pay over $50,000 immediately.  OH NO that will ruin the climate and the hated energy companies will make more money, and more tax income for the USA.

In debate with Romneym Obama jobs plan was a fancy little booklet nbody ever saw.

In debate with Romney Obama jobs plan was a fancy little booklet nobody ever saw.

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