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POTUS thinks she’s mighty perty!

April 5, 2013
Going to another fund raiser to hit on some pretty lawyer!

Going to another fund raiser to hit on some pretty lawyer!

Aw, shucks! Our president is traveling to share his wit and wisdom to Democrat loyal. Too bad he only cares about Democrats. So much for being president of all the people, except them Tea Party idiots should just go away, right? Anyway, he’s burning up tons of jet fuel attending Democrat fund raisers while on “official business” meaning he don’t have to pay for fuel, hey it’s “official business”.

Anyway, POTUS was gushing praise about some state attorney general in California at another fund raiser because she was smart and pretty. DUH?! Obma must have been the worst lawyer in the USA. A lawyer bragging about how pretty a female lawyer looks? Sexual harassment, gender prejudice, and why even raise the topic? Is he hitting on her for a date like “slick Willy” Clinton? Michelle did say she is a single mom on television recently.

Is there a limit on how many fund raisers the president can attend in one month? Between vacations and fund raisers, we know he doesn’t have time to actually run the country, except for shooting hoops on Easter egg roll event.

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