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North Korea announced war while Obama dribbles

April 3, 2013

My golf sucks too!

My golf sucks too!

It seems we have a problem. North Korea declared nuclear war on us. Obama did not follow Dennis Rodman’s advice on diplomacy. However, Obama has copied Rodman’s basketball shooting style which sucks. It was evident at the “Easter” egg roll at White House. Obama wanted to impress the children on how our president is also a hoop superstar. 2 for 22 was not impressive, including missing layups right under the basket. He did stuff some of the kids shots to feel better. Then he left sulking that his video event was worse than Fidel Castro who could beat Obama today on the basketball court.

Anyway, should we be concerned about North Korea refusing to be scared of our bombers, missile shields, and some UN talk? This didn’t solve Syria, Libya, Iran, or actually any area of conflict that Obama has ignored, avoided, and been too busy traveling to worry about. Now he will spend a month practicing basketball to invite the press back to be impressed his hoops game has improved. His presidency is a goose egg.

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