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Chicago shows how a society spirals down into anarchy

March 31, 2013

As a Chicago boy, I am amazed to see how this city is tearing at the fabric of our future as a country. Visiting family for Easter Sunday I saw Saturday night before Easter 200 young “adults” swarm as a looting pillaging mob of thugs. Their objective was to separate anything of value from anyone walking down the sidewalk in a more affluent section of the city. They knocked down people, grabbing shopping bags, purses, and wallets as the outnumbered citizens were witnessing the future of their city. Laughing lawless thieves who didn’t care about anything, except what they could take away that night.

Chicago police were instructed not to arrest the “flash mob” thieves. Why? They were disadvantaged black youths. Many of the criminal attackers were young black women. It wouldn’t look good. That’s why black children are being killed by lousy marksmen black gangs of same age youths. So let’s pass more laws, that won’t be enforced since it might offend liberal whiners of social justice. We don’t need to enforce laws that offend social justice morons. When the flash mob assaulted a mounted police officer, then they arrested without waiting for instructions of political bosses.

The gun laws are not being enforced in Chicago as toddlers and children are mowed down by gangs fighting for turf to distributed drugs and rob certain neighborhoods. Yes, these are black gangs. If whites or Hispanic gangs were killing blacks, then the social justice crowd would be screaming on the bias of police not to protect the blacks. But if the blacks are practicing genocide on blacks, then the social justice crowd can’t condone singling out black criminals for massive police actions. So the death rate spirals out of control, and black neighborhoods live in constant fear. This is anarchy with no law and no law protection because of political interference.

There is no point in listing the specific cases for the shock effect of wanton, brutal, and remorseless killings that dwarf the worst mob wars of the Capone era. Teacher unions breaking the law not to try to improve education but to preserve paychecks is another sign of the implosion of a dysfunctional society in Chicago. Easter is a call to see hope even when facing death. These flash mobs don’t care about their souls, their morals, their futures. They want it now by any means.

When I was visiting for Christmas, there were so many shootings in black neighborhoods I lost count. One black shooter held as a shield his girlfriend and her toddler fathered by somebody as a shield screaming in her car as he ran over a police officer investigating a shooting in that same area.

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  1. April 1, 2013 12:46 pm

    Poor teenager having kids is what in the long run leads to this out of control situation.
    There is no parenting, no money, no education, no morals.

    • hoboduke permalink*
      April 1, 2013 5:42 pm

      I agree that a complete purposeful destruction of the normal family support system contributes to this. My focus is that the strongest family structure in the black community is connected to a local church. In 2 generations society has denigrated church goers, and lowered value of marriage that we now are seeing serious damage to the quality of people in our society today. Planned Parenthood is passing out birth control in junior high school promotes the priority of enjoying sex, over understanding a real relationship of lasting worth.

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