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President Obama on hunger strike! Scared of being poisoned?

March 16, 2013

The President refused to eat any of the food served for a fence mending breaking of bread with Republican Senators?!  It seems Michelle Obama refused to let the Secret Service “taste tester” leave her side to join President Obama for the lunch appointment with Republican Senators.  (The taste tester is her mother, his motherin law.)  Now let’s be clear, a “taste tester” means being ready to be poisoned for the president.  They eat what is being served, and if they drop dead, then the president knows he shouldn’t eat the meal.  Michelle was laughing hysterically at her husband sitting at the feast drooling and dreaming of eating but only watching everyone enjoy the meal.  Wouldn’t the Senators drop dead from the same food?

This sounds like going back to the days of Julius Caesar with taste testers making sure the emperor wasn’t poisoned.  This is nuts.  Our President is a helpless baby.  He can’t feed himself, can’t have the common sense to see that nobody was poisoned.  Or smart enough to ask one of the Senators to swap plates with POTUS so any poison goes to his enemy instead of himself?

This is the same POTUS who can enter a greasy spoon chili parlor in Ohio to wolf down two chili dogs, french fries and milk shake without a taste tester?  It seems POTUS travels so much since he fears all are out to get him around the nation’s capitol?

At least he could have let his dog test the food if it’s poisoned!

POTUS needs to check if his food is poisoned?

POTUS needs to check if his food is poisoned?

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