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Saving the USA constitution

March 9, 2013

Senator Rand Paul is an interesting protector of our country.  Like most patriots, we seek to preserve the freedoms paid by the blood of our previous generations of citizens.  There is hope if there are men of conscience and conviction willing to challenge the lazy and ignorant slackers like our Attorney General Holder.  I applaud the filibuster of Senator Paul forcing a direct answer by our president Obama and his attorney general Holder on killing citizens in the USA by drones.  He held the floor of the senate for 13 hours to bring the spot light on killer drones flying over our towns.

We are a nation of laws.  We follow our laws to protect the rights for all citizens.  Making an exception for Obama and Holder to assassinate by drone any citizen they choose is illegal.  No one has the right to shred the constitution because it’s inconvenient.  We have not seen anyone brought to trial on the biggest crime in our nation’s history.  The thievery that brought down our financial markets has no one brought to trial.  WHY?  Why cannot Holder with all the investigations bring anyone of the culprits to trial 5 years later?  Holder can’t bring to trial the biggest thieves in our history.  He wants to have a kill list of citizens in the USA instead of arresting them.  Who is Eric Holder?

Senator Paul is looking out for the citizens of this country.  Not sure Holder has any interest in restitution of the lives ruined by the thievery surrounding 2008 property and financial fraud.  Holder has not done anything to bring justice to the USA.  The law of the land needs to be applied and not stored in a closet.  The people of the USA do not want to be forced to seek out justice as vigilantes because the attorney general is too lazy to bring to justice the criminals who ruined our economy.

We might look into the crimes of mortgage robber barons.

We might look into the crimes of mortgage robber barons.

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