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Protect us from evil!

March 3, 2013

As the current events of the world unfold, it is more important than ever to recognize that evil is growing.

Russia is using satellite nations to sell weapons of destruction to keep their armory funded for more terrible weapons.  USA has been dispatching drones to kill enemies of the state and anyone nearby at the time of execution.  Syria slaughters their own people and destroys their civilization to what end?  Iran laughs at our embargo and empty threats.  North Korea welcomes our new ambassador to North Korea, Dennis Rodman who gushes over their dictator despot.

These are also times of confusion and turning away from God.  Our president is more concerned on promoting abortion, and homosexual marriage than focusing on the ills afflicting our country that takes work he won’t do.

Pope Benedict built bridges and was extending a hand of friendship to the now retired leader of the Church of England.  Now Pope Benedict has left his role as pope for a new light to illuminate the darkness growing in our world.  God needs to send us a new protector against evil, and a voice to heal our world.

Many do not recognize the tolerance toward the message of evil and despair rampant in culture today.  We are pilgrims in our journey to reach our higher calling.  We are easily distracted to accept lechery, envy, gluttony, greed, and worship of false idols.The Pope cannot protect or shield us from our afflictions or challenges.  We can lean on the staff of the Roman Catholic Church to stand and speak for the down trodden, forgotten, and weak.  I praise Pope Benedict  for the good works and the battle against evil.

We realize at some point that our life yearns for a higher meaning and purpose.

We realize at some point that our life yearns for a higher meaning and purpose.

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