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It’s crisis time in Washington D.C. if Obama in town!

February 24, 2013
President sinks his teeth into debt crisis by eating now and paying much later.

President sinks his teeth into debt crisis by eating now and paying much later.

Fiscal cliff crisis was solved by raising taxes now and reducing spending 10 years from now!  Now the SEQUESTER crisis seems to be Obama’s solution to never submitting a budget gone bad.  He never expected his volunteering SEQUESTER to actually take place.  He pledged in debating the Republican candidate for president Romney that “Sequester won’t happen!”  Really?  Obama predicting the future is worse than daily horoscope columns.  He predicted that the stimulus spending of nearly a trillion dollars we didn’t have would boost the employment through shovel ready jobs.  Still have not found a single person that got a job as a result of this spending.  Anyway, we know Obama has no clue on what it means to have a budget, since he never submitted one in 4 years.  He hasn’t read the 2 proposed budgets passed by the House, and claims he needs Republicans to compromise for his proposal.  What is the proposal?  It’s invisible.  Anyway, Obama loves being in the spot light with being the crisis solution super hero.  He also sets up Republicans as the super villain he is fighting.  It just seems Obama never solves any crisis he packages into Republican problems.  By the way, when will the funding crisis for social security and medicare be handled by crisis monger Obama?

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