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Here we go again! Snow, snow, and more snow!

February 23, 2013


Who will plow snow with SEQUESTER?!

Who will plow snow with SEQUESTER?!

It seems like only yesterday that climate change was going to turn our country into an oven.  Whatever happened to climate change, global warming, or Beany Babies?  I don’t know how many feet of snow we got this winter, but we can’t even see our propane gas tank.  I did stomp, tunnel and finally reach the tank, to see it needs a refill NOW!  Thought we might make it to March, but no, need another delivery pronto.

However, being a North woods Wisconsin pioneer type, we have a cast iron wood burner on the main floor.  Hauled in more wood after uncovering the snow-covered wood rack tarp.  Pulling off the tarp and hauling in wood had me busy getting our heat started.  Pine cones in a cardboard empty tissue box and plenty of newspapers was efficient kindling to start the fire right away.  3 logs in the box, and the heat is on.  Just have to feed the beast all day, and night.  We’re up to 70 degrees and the furnace is not turned on until we get fuel on Monday.

Where the heck is Al Gore and the global warming is killing polar bears crew?  I’ll hand him a snow shovel.   We don’t lack for ready fire wood.  7 oak trees died of wilt and have wood split and stacked from 4 trees that will last us at least 5 years.  Menominee nation has a lot of loggers and these guys know how to get it done.  They took down 4 tons of trees in 2 days and didn’t damage a  single healthy tree around the dead ones.  They hauled out the scrub branches, and left the logs for splitting.  We did split the wood after letting them dry out 2 years.

So what happened to global warming?  It’s all a myth, just like fairy tales the government shovels out to keep us distracted.  SEQUESTER!  Who cares?  85 billion dollars in cuts are going to disrupt our entire country?  Why doe we need 3.2 trillion dollars of spending if we only needed 85 billion every year? Obama brain child SEQUESTER is now a problem, but being an egomaniac, he has to make his problem child the responsibility of somebody else.  Typical for a no account and irresponsible lazy drifter.  Hope the tide takes him back to Hawaii soon. Aloha!

We got 4 more years to call the shots and be the big shot!

We got 4 more years to call the shots and be the big shot!

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