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The people of the USA don’t need snobs or elite news makers

February 17, 2013

It defies common sense, but only the average people of the USA are blessed with common sense.  Working for a living, raising a family, and living with failures plus disappointments has made our hides a little tougher and our hearts a little more forgiving.  I don’t like smart ass, smug, smirking self-appointed know it all just because they say they know it all.  The majority of commercial news and “public sponsored news” love the spot light of public adoration in their minds.

How far have we come?  The USA has made huge progress, but not in the eyes of the self-appointed experts.  I know that I trust my fellow countrymen more than anyone else in the world.  The news media measures success by the hysteria and melodrama created by the inflated problems of the moment.  These caretakers of the truth have a short time on the stage of public attention.  When the public understands and discovers hypocrisy and prejudice in these journalists, they turn to alternative media.  The blogs, the internet, and cable news are satisfying the needs for finding truth in the current events.  Commercial media are at times more like a high-priced call girl standing under the street lamp looking for attention.

Of course the elite present themselves awards, recognitions with banquets to wallow in patting each other on the back on their all being special and the leaders of their elite world.  The news media loathe spending time around George W. Bush’s Texas ranch area in “Hicksville” with no caviar and no elite to cajole and curry favor.  The news media love Obama who has no reluctance in rubbing elbows with the rich and powerful, and living like a millionaire without spending a dime.  After all, it’s only the money of his government.  Obama understands the world of the elite, as he acted like an outsider but partied with the elite to fund his ambition.  The news media loves to eat caviar, drink champagne, attend celebrity parties and get paid for covering news.  Hey Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for killing the most people with drones!

The elite in crowd does not understand the people of the USA.  They don’t care to know us.  They view us as another species that may be human, but not of their world.  How can common folk have any understanding of the world of the elite?  The elite know our little minds cannot comprehend the demands of their fame and  gaining their fortune by taking money from our little pockets.  Propaganda peddlers like TIME and NEWSWEEK and NEW YORK TIMES are sinking with no common folk buying their artificial news.  It’s sad to see old forms of media die, but they are living in the ancient past of liberal values from the last millennium.  NBC and CBS don’t make money on news advertising since we grow weary of school shooting stories for months or new government propaganda on how we have won the war on Islmaic terrorists.

Obama enjoys the media fawning over his sloth and failures.

Obama enjoys the media fawning over his sloth and failures.

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