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The future is now so don’t wait

February 10, 2013

Everybody delays their future to tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes.  The future is now.  I am tired of politicians who waste today and limit our tomorrow with their small minds.  Our country has unlimited potential and a tradition of making big dreams come true.  My ideal future is not focused on looking for hand outs or depending on the government to decide my future.  Our government is our citizens selected to represent our wishes and dreams.  I don’t need anybody telling me that I need the government for my future plans.

The Black Keys playing with the New Orleans Preservation Hall Jazz band at Grammy’s Award show is what I like about our country.  The music of our country is one of our greatest treasures.  Lets enjoy the sound of freedom and traditions that are fun!   Black Keys LONELY BOY is great music.  I still got to get to my feet when I hear “When the Saints Come Marching In”!  Jambalaya, Cajun music, and all that jazz are just a small slice of the riches in our heritage and culture.

My Hobo State of the Union speech will be at White Castle this weekend in Chicago.  Hobo Duke and Duchess will put on our traveling shoes.  Have to get a Chicago Italian Beef sandwich and a Chicago dog as well.    Will definitely smoke a fine cigar at Monte Cristo.

The lamp of Lowell's illumination is opening our eyes to find our way.

The lamp of Lowell’s illumination is opening our eyes to find our way.

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