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Our President says we never give him enough money to spend

February 9, 2013

Our president doesn’t want to have an allowance.  He doesn’t want us telling him to stop spending.  He won’t submit a budget.  He has not submitted a budget for 4 years. He won’t submit a budget for the next 4 years.  He doesn’t know what a budget is, and he doesn’t think we have any spending problems at all.

It is impossible to have a rational discussion with a delusional lazy incompetent “chief executive”.  He has never exhibited any traits of an executive.  He reminds me more of a sales manager running around with pep rally to give him more money, more money, more money, and oh yes, more money.

Don’t worry about being unemployed, losing your home, and not getting help from FEMA on your hurricane homeless problems.  Our president has no time to be an executive, because he has people to handle that.  He’s off to another pep rally.  The brochure he flashed at the end of his presidential campaign that held all the answers to our problems seems to have disappeared.

Don’t worry that your son or daughter have student loans with no job worth the price of education.  Don’t worry about your relatives who are out of work.  Don’t worry that your future does not include money for retirement, and social security doesn’t seem so secure.  We should worry about gay scout leaders, gay marriages, free birth control pills, and too bad that our ambassador to Libya and crew were murdered but somebody is looking into it.

I suppose I will endure the Obama State of the Union pep rally with nothing to inspire or bring hope on our sorry state.

We voted in the wrong President for 2013.

We voted in the wrong President for 2013.

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