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Look out Bubba Boogosh there’s a drone hunting you!

February 9, 2013

Looks like there was a little mix up.  Eric Holder’s crack staff of flunkies put Bubba Boogosh on the drone hit list.  Tea Party gun-toting extremists could be a danger someday!  The drone is now buzzing past the Waffle House to the local Wal-Mart trailing Bubba.

The President was too busy to review and approve so many executions, so a few names got slipped in by mistake.  Buford Boogosh, and Beulah Boogosh of Chicago that live next to Obama’s home got drones heading their way too.  Get all the Boogosh throughout the land, we can’t waste time sorting out the dead.

So all you folks, look to the skies before you walk outside.  The buzzing you hear is not your neighbors hedge trimmer or snow blower.  There are drones everywhere.  There is no peace or tranquility, with the Obama drones.  By the way, Iran plans on shipping some drones into our country to start their killing list too.  Thank you President Obama!  Professor Doom has estimated that Obama has a better chance in winning the lottery compared to deciding who gets killed.  Doctor Gloom has confirmed that if you do get killed by accident by a Drone that your family has to pay for damages incurred.

We're sending a drone right now by Bubba!

We’re sending a drone right now by Bubba!

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