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Obama breaking campaign promises at record pace!

February 3, 2013

Obama likes to promise everybody everything to get elected.  He cut payroll tax to get elected.  The people expected the extra 2% in their paycheck was a tax deduction.  NO!  It is not a tax, because it is saving for your retirement with SOCIAL SECURITY which he called a payroll tax.  You can’t deduct “payroll tax” on your filing IRA taxes for the year.  I found that out when I did my first filing of taxes, and was alerted by IRS that SOCIAL SECURITY is not deductible as a “payroll tax” since you are saving for yourself (supposedly).  Anyway, everybody in the country got hit in the forehead with Obama’s “stupid stick” and it hurts.  Moms and dads did not get straight talk from Obama that SOCIAL SECURITY needs this INCREASE in confiscating your money and needs MORE MONEY.

Don’t think folks are happy about this bait and switch election trick by Obama.  Now Obama is worried that his only real work done in 4 years may be ruled unconstitutional on Healthcare.  The violation of separation between government and religion would make the law unconstitutional by forcing religions to pay for optional and nonessential birth control pills for everybody.  Suddenly, they are back pedaling on forcing religion organizations to pay for birth control pills.  Plus, this benefit is only for women.  Why should every man and woman pay for birth control pills for a few women who won’t spend $10?  PLUS everybody has extra income taxes for income, and rent money thanks to the new Healthcare law.

Where oh where is Obama “focusing like a laser on unemployment” in his words?  Jobs council was disbanded without Obama ever bothering to get involved.  Anyway, the people are starting to smell the pile of garbage Obama shoveled as his promise to get elected.  Elected after playing all of us for suckers.  The thrill is gone, and folks smell something rotten in the White House.

I got a plan to get more jobs in my fancy brochure! VOTE FOR ME!

I got a plan to get more jobs in my fancy brochure! VOTE FOR ME!

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