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Islamic extremists get wiped out by Algerian Islam military.

January 20, 2013

The government of Algeria is not reluctant to handle Islamic extremism with military force.  The attempt at extortion of western interests by capturing multi national hostages at an industrial energy facility went nowhere.  There was no phone call to Hillary Clinton to ask permission to wipe out the terrorists or agonized over political repercussions.  There was no phone call to President Obama from Algeria on seeking permission to wipe out the extremists.  There was no ask for UN resolutions.  There was no ask for US to help on the elimination of terrorists.

The counter attack on the terrorists was persistent and effective by the Algerian military.  All the terrorists were eliminated.  No need for trials, zero propaganda video nonsense, and no public relations media frenzy.  This was a military operation and it’s over.

President Obama’s cabinet is trying to take credit on how they were in on this operation.  The Algeria government didn’t have any phone numbers on their directory to even call the USA.  As typical for USA foreign relations, we waste time, money, and endless visits on meaningless nonsense and when something important happens, then we are asleep.  Obama doesn’t know what happened, and Algeria is not losing any sleep over him being left out.

Apparently, the Islam beliefs in Algeria have no public relations problems with killing all the terrorists.  Unfortunately, a lot of hostages got killed under friendly fire.  unfortunately, that is a fact of history that hostages don’t have great odds of coming out fine.  The Russian approach to Islamic terrorists is equally direct with massive military counter attack, and little concern on public relations.

The final goal of hostage strategy by terrorists is to get money and get more concessions to make terrorists more powerful.  The terrorists spent a lot of manpower, and money in an attempt to blackmail the energy company and blackmail the foreign governments for their hostage citizens.  They lost their men, their money, and their leverage.  Many  hostages lost lives.  However, the price of freedom does come high and hostages are pawns that get sacrificed in this deadly game of terrorism.

Who do I call in Algeria?

Who do I call in Algeria?

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