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Secret society revealed at last! Curmudgeons have last laugh?

January 13, 2013

All adults have gone through the transformation in life known as “puberty”.  It is not a secret process as pubic hair starts sprouting, hormones start raging, and suddenly boys start to obsess over girls.  However, we have a much more self-evident transformation that no one acknowledges.  We have become a nation with a majority of curmudgeons!  The bald and white-haired members of this society feel compelled to tell anyone and everyone on how the world has gone to hell.  All the music today is garbage according to curmudgeons.  Parents of curmudgeons told them this in their youth.  Curmudgeons are becoming the majority of life on earth today.  There is no government panel on this.  That is because Biden is a curmudgeon with hair plugs.  They do look good on him, and nobody says Biden looks a day over 65.

A perfect example of curmudgeon nonsense was the “debate” between Congressman Ryan and Vice President Biden.  Biden was babbling, incoherent, and would never shut up.  Laughing and cackling like a loon while Ryan was given a turn to speak, Biden demonstrated curmudgeon self-appointed divinity.  Biden was speaking in tongues; blarney, hip hop jargon that is hysterical, patronizing “my friend”, and self-indulgent melodramatic monologues.

Only Biden could be such a moron that he is looking for a “silver bullet”, he chose that expression, on gun control.  How do you seek a metaphor of silver bullet to help reduce gun murders?  Granted only the rich could afford a silver bullet, so maybe that is the solution.  Only silver bullets can be bought.

Even though I qualify to be a member of this secret society, I refuse to become a curmudgeon.  I look like a curmudgeon, I complain like a curmudgeon, but damn it I am not a curmudgeon!  Or am I?  Just like puberty, we have no control on this transformation.  Curmudgeons are on television with Viagra, Cialis, and cruise ship commercials.

Babbling, huffing and puffing curmudgeon superstar Biden!

Babbling, huffing and puffing curmudgeon superstar Biden!

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