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What do you want for 2013?

December 29, 2012

Holy smoke from Da Coach Iron Mike Ditka!Da Coach of Da Bears is a favorite beloved icon of Chicago.  Look at that mug!  Ditka did the nearly impossible as a coach.  Papa Bear Halas nearing the end wanted to finally find somebody to bring back the tradition, and the attitude of the Chicago Bears.  It was fitting that he found it in Mike Ditka, who left for greener pastures as a player as a tight end.  His comment to a sports reporter on his leaving for more money was that Halas threw around quarters like manhole covers.  Ditka remains on the Chicago scene with his restaurants and sports commentary for ESPN keeps him in touch with the public.  By the way, his restaurant in Chicago and in Oak Brook are both worth the visit.  Been to both several times.  From oysters, crab legs, shrimp, filet mignon, lamb chops, to serving great drinks it is great to spend time and help the economy!

Anyway, for 2013 I draw upon a Ditka quote that I think is good for planning the new year.  “You get what you tolerate.”  If you get mad, upset at mediocrity and incompetence than you are fighting for a better year.  If you say to yourself,;  “Hey what’s the difference?  Don’t worry, just go with the flow.” then play your bongos on the  California shore line smoking weed and day dreaming of great things that might happen to you.  Remember, “You get what you tolerate.”

I had the pleasure of talking to Da Coach after the Superbowl victory at one of the many charity events he supports.  My wife had just died on our 8th anniversary day before the 1985 season started, and I told him  how she was watching down on the 1985 season that I attended for every game.  Anyway, the 1985 season was in my mind Carol’s miracle.  He smiled and nodded in agreement.  I met my new bride after the Superbowl in 1986 and my lucky streak continues.  I refuse to accept as my goal just to tolerate instead of improving both in myself, and in those who want my business.

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