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It is the night before Christmas!

December 24, 2012
Santa Claus told us to be of good cheer and good will toward everyone!

Santa Claus told us to be of good cheer and good will toward everyone!

Tonight is the time to remember favorite Christmas memories.  It opens your mind to appreciate the people who care and who did care about you through your life.  These are the times to build upon our best and help as much as we can.  Don’t measure Christmas by the money spent, but by the fun and memories created together.  One small memory I will share that I didn’t understand until recently, like a secret message hidden in the memory.

Once upon a  time in 1957 the USA had a bad recession, after my parents were spending every nickel feedings us boys, clothing us boys, and paying bills to live in a new house to raise us boys.  I was 7 years old, and my eyes were full of Christmas ornaments and store windows with toys.  Mom and dad had no relatives in the USA for help while they were both out of work right before Christmas.  So on Christmas eve, mom and dad dragged me and my brother on a city bus into the downtown shopping district of Chicago.  My eyes were a mile wide open between throngs of shoppers, and the awesome animated window displays at Carson Pirie Scott, Marshal Field, and all the exotic smells of food at Stop & Shop.  It’s only recently that I understood mom and dad had to drag us downtown so they could buy Christmas gifts with their first paycheck since losing work.  I was marching around the toy department of Marshal Field near the top floor, while they went about their shopping.  I was lost in my daydreams of all the wonderful toys with electric trains, and erector sets.  Anyway, I was back in tow behind my parents with shopping bags and my brother alongside.

So with money for groceries, gifts, and the house bills they managed to celebrate Christmas.  I never had an inkling of their anxiety and uncertainty about having their sons enjoy Christmas.  It was one of my favorite Christmas memories going into the big city like a big shot boy.  So think about it and ask your family their favorite Christmas memory.  It could be one of the worst times in your life that gave them the most joy, without knowing of your problems at all.  Merry Christmas!  Forget your problems and cares, because today’s problems won’t matter next Christmas anyway!

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