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Predictions for the future

December 15, 2012
Most people don't want to see what's coming!

Most people don’t want to see what’s coming!

Listen up tenderfoot hobo in training!  These predictions will make you mad.  Here goes;

  1. The Lord works in mysterious ways.  Nobody figured it out yet, and nobody will next year.

Taxes will go up for everybody.  Liars will swear only somebody else will pay.  Everybody is going to pay too much to get too little.  Will Rogers correctly observed that we can all be grateful we don’t get the government we paid for.  If they weren’t lazy and unreliable, we would be in a worse mess.

The marriage tax taxes 2 people 16% more than if they were single.  All the dumb lesbian and queer couples will walk down the aisle crying for joy.  They will be crying forever paying more taxes.  Why should the alternative life style cost less than married folks?

The economy will improve and a few more jobs will be added.  Politicians will claim they made the sun rise, the lame to walk, and the economy revived by all the talking they did.  It won’t amount to much of an improvement, so there won’t be much to brag about.

The 9 million hoboes that couldn’t find work from the last 4 years will be getting tired of the black cloud following each of them.  Don’t see their future changing much.  Don’t even see many good lies from the President to make them hoboes think they got a better year coming.

We are all going to drink more liquor.  We all deserve to drink more.  Everyone will be longing for the good old days of 2008.  Let’s party like it’s 2007!


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