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How many failures make Obama diplomacy a fiasco?

December 12, 2012
  1. Obama killed Osama Bin Laden but a nutcase video is why our Libya ambassador died?
  2. Jim Carney keeps reporting on why Syria killing citizens is shocking and USA does not condone killing Syrians.  That’s worked for 4 years doing nothing?
  3. Iran continues to prepare nuclear stockpile and seems to survive our drastic devastating embargo?
  4. Egypt was overthrowing their government and USA was a spectator neither supporting or even talking about it while on David Letterman, The View, or Pimp with a Limp?
  5. Iran citizens had uprising waiting for USA support.  Join the club, USA can’t support, or connect on any country in turmoil.
  6. North Korea ignored the outrage and anger of USA threatening an “appropriate response” to their successful rocket test.  Obama may stop vacationing in Hawaii with the threat of a nuclear rocket now.  USA will punt, and expect the UN to do usual shuffle.
  7. Russia won’t continue playing Obama game of nuclear reduction.  They think it’s fine we took our pants down.  Russia won’t join Obama and had the nerve to tell him so with Putin cold shoulder.
  8. Mexico got a lot of people killed with USA attorney general shipping automatic weapons to drug cartel to see how many people would get killed.  It worked!
  9. Obama focuses on visiting obscure unknown little countries that make no difference to USA because he wants to stay out of USA and Michelle’s food nazi limiting his gorging.
  10. Obama tells everybody he’s buddies with Israel, but we are not sure if anyone knows or can find what that means?  He got Jewish votes and money so I guess that is an almost victory on Jewish money and votes, but not diplomacy.
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