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Unveiling the invisible world

December 9, 2012
Most people don't want to see what's coming!

Most people don’t want to see what’s coming!

If you could see your future, would you open that door?  I can only share my experience as a hobo in training in the Southeast side of Chicago.  This was during the time that the USA was erupting in riots, psychedelic drugs, protesting the war in Viet Nam, and it seemed to older citizens that everyone was going crazy.  We were busy assassinating, burning cities, and challenging society’s rules.  During times of chaos people feel lost and uncertain on their future.  So in the Southeast side of Chicago where the steel mills of Indiana sent black clouds of iron and smoke, lived a woman many feared.  Her husband was a giant.  He was so strong he could lift up a cast iron safe, which he did for a buddy moving. However, his wife was a witch.  That’s with a “w” and not a “b”.  She was Mexican, and he was of polish descent.  Most people in their neighborhood lived in brick homes with entrance door on 2nd floor with wooden stairs facing the street.  Most people walked on the opposite side of street to avoid seeing her even by accident on their front porch.  She was a fortune-teller in her parlor, for those brave enough to be told their future.  My future sister-in-law went with her friend to get their fortunes told.  They came home practically hysterical.  Sitting around her parents kitchen table Kathy told what was foretold.  The fortune-telling warned her that any air travel would be fatal and she would die.  There went Kathy’s vacation plans.  Her simple-minded klutz of a friend Debbie was weeping and inconsolable on their imminent violent death.  Kathy kept telling her they wouldn’t die, because they won’t fly on vacation.  Did the fortune-teller see this?  With so much misfortune and disaster during those days, no one wanted to tempt fate.  Anyway, my visit to the witch is another story in my book I am writing. The witch of the Southeast side of Chicago gave the evil eye to any woman she saw as a rival for her husband’s affections.  Children and women never walked in front of her home, because they knew who she was.  Mexicans are very religious, and many in that neighborhood prayed for protection from her.

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