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Somebody stop me going off the cliff!

December 8, 2012
Uncle Same being given a bum steer by Obama!

Uncle Sam being given a bum steer by Obama!

We are glad to be sitting in the car with Obama at the wheel!  He’s screaming that we’re going off the cliff, and don’t worry.  He’s driving us crazy.  Oh yeah, he plans on jumping out of the car and going to Hawaii for 20 days while we sit in the car with no one at the wheel.  He was bragging on how he’s got the keys, and won’t let the Republicans drive anymore.  Ralph Cramden was a much better driver from THE HONEYMOONERS as played by Jackie Gleason.  2013 will be a lot of fun as we are now off the cliff with the only view is falling down.  However, as most things in Washington, it’s all a fairy tale.  It’s more of a bump than a cliff.  If it will only shut everyone up, then let’s proceed with no deal at all.  When we discover that we weren’t killed because Republicans didn’t give Obama a bunch of stuff nobody needs, then life goes on and Obama can keep threatening to hold his breath until he passes out.  Go ahead.

We know our president has no clue on how to handle anything, except blaming Republicans.  Anyway, cliff diving is the new Obama gift to the USA.

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