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What if you got what you believe in?

December 3, 2012
Old and young are all looking for the promised land.

Old and young are all looking for the promised land.

A comment over coffee at the village bakery started me to consider our ability to get what we believe in.  The comment had to do with a fellow who was always disappointed on everything.  The comment was “When Ben gets to heaven, he’ll be disappointed!”  I started laughing at the irony, that paradise in eternity might be not such a great destination!  Don’t think anybody purposely plans on enjoying torture and suffering through eternity in hell.  Anyway, it occurred to me how strange it would be to get what you wanted.  It’s actually a heavy responsibility.  So the atheists who fervently believe that we are just lumps of clay that will pass away, will just end at death.  There will be nothing more for them.  The Roman Catholics  will spend a little time in purgatory to suffer before entering the so-called pearly gates of heaven.  Folks like Shirley McClain will migrate to another life form for another time on earth as a cat or dolphin perhaps.  Our curse is that we will be given what we believe to be our future after death by our own selection right now.  Our life after death will be chosen by us, and nobody else!  As we ascend into heaven, or descend into hell, the atheists will be given their belief that there is no soul and they will be long gone.

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