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Kim the money machine gets more in Bahrain

December 2, 2012
Kim attending "Golden Nymph" awards?  What is that?!

Kim attending “Golden Nymph” awards? What is that?!

Bahrain has a lot of young citizens that can afford the luxury of paying to seeing Kim.  Her appearance at a mall for the grand opening of a franchise milk shake shop seems like something out of the 1950’s in the USA.  There were red velvet ropes for the fans to get her autograph on posters of Kim.  For this privilege, they purchased admission tickets valued in US dollars $1,300 per person to attend.  This absolutely amazed me.  Kim has a lot of young folks infatuated with the glamour dream world of being Kim.  The young fans have rich parents to afford this throwing money out the window.  This is all innocent fun, because Kim is not (thank the Lord) as obnoxious as Miley “trailer trash” Cyrus or as politically naive as Jane “Hanoi Jane” Fonda.  Because Kim has lived her life in public for more promotion money, the officials of government in Bahrain proclaimed their concern on her visit since she is “an actress with an extremely bad reputation”.  Those words are actually kind and complimentary. She is not an actress.  She is a stage prop stuffed into tight clothes.

My parents let me waste a lot of money!

My parents let me waste a lot of money!

These atrractive young ladies in Bahrain do not need Kim Kardashian to be happy and successful.  That country has a lot more money than I will ever see in my life.  Wonder if a hobo can get a deal to be at the opening of a resale shop out there?Kardashian fans in Middle East

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