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Another scandal in the White House! Obama has a Christmas tree!

December 1, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town! Santa Claus is coming to town!They cut down a tree for the White House.  They decorated the tree for the White House.  The tree is called by Obama a “Christmas tree”.  Has Santa Claus been taken off the forbidden list to visit the White House?  President Ulysses S. Grant proclaimed Christmas a federal holiday back in 1870.  It seems we have to feel defensive about celebrating Christmas because it “might” offend someone these days.  We are all getting offended by the militant loudmouth look at me attitude of crackpots protestors.  However, I am suspicious when Obama endorses anything, even a Christmas tree.  Has the EPA approved of the decorations being ecologically safe?  Has OSHA approved of the method used to bring down the tree?  Has the Department of Labor verified that only union workers have handled this tree?  Will the Department of Education allow children to be told about a “Christmas tree” at our White House?  Has the Department of Energy confirmed that we are using Solyndra solar panels to power the huge drain of electricity by this tree?  How was this tree selected?  Did we exclude minority tree owners?  Did we exclude lesbian, transgender, atheist tree owners?

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