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Wisconsin deer hunting starts today!

November 17, 2012

Pioneer spirit is alive during deer hunting!

Way back when the USA was just a lot of wilderness, you had to grow your food and hunt your food.  There is a satisfaction in being self-sufficient through your own skills.  Being proficient in hunting with bow and arrow plus rifle are skills that are now more for fun than survival.  But in these hard times, and they are hard indeed for those with supplies low in the pantry.  We have “Hunt for the Hungry” that fills a lot of empty refrigerators with venison.  The hides get used for clothing and gloves.  So even if hunting is more for fun for most hunters, their donation of their catch feeds many in need.  So keep our spirit alive, and share with the hungry.  We have a new generation of hunters with dad and grandfather.  The minute man of our fight for independence hunted for their food, just like many do today.  The history and traditions that made the USA are in deer camps around Wisconsin.  (Oh yeah, deer hunters spend millions in Wisconsin that also helps a lot of the local merchants keep people working.)

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