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BTCGM union deaf to Ding Dong bell of doom

November 16, 2012

Hostess can no longer stay in business.

Growing up with school lunch box stuffed with a sandwich, apple, and a Hostess dessert.  Twinkies and assorted products were part of my youth.  Of course now I realize my parents were trying to kill me with Hostess products that can only harm us, not help us.  Thank you to the health craze food nazi group that has declared war on anything enjoyable we have used for decades.  So those who want to force us to live on tofu and oats can enjoy their Thanksgiving without me. The BCTGM union has rightly declared the management of Hostess as inept.  However, before they whistle and walk away, the union has participated in the decline of fortunes for decades.  Is the union only suited to be a back seat driver to blame management without any effort to right the ship?  It seems the hands on deck on a ship in distress, should not tell the captain he is a  bungler and not fit for duty.  How does that get the ship home to harbor?  It seems the union enjoys blame and complaining more than saving the company and the jobs of their union members.  Oh well, we are awaiting the USA to bail out the union employees by buying Hostess just like GM.  “For whom does the bell toll?  It tolls for thee!”  When the funeral bell tolls, many feel the cold hand of death tapping them on their shoulder as a reminder of mortality. Many companies feel a shudder of apprehension when another company fails.  The USA populace will buy the products when the brand rights are sold to a healthy company to continue poisoning future generations of children who don’t care about food nazi propaganda.  Eat a Twinkie Michelle, and a HoHo too!  Graveyard humor is visiting the BCTGM web site with main display supporting Hostess strike movement.  It is similar to complaining to a corpse at a funeral visitation that you never got your $20 you loaned him.  Most are grieving the loss, than worried about your wanting your $20 from a corpse.

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