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A new world record and it didn’t take long!

November 10, 2012

On Friday November 9 our president Obama staked out his election mandate speech.   A new world record for waiting is 3 days!   He just got elected and he’s warning anybody and everybody, don’t mess with me!  I am king of the hill.  I am the genuine grand poobah!  So we can discuss the important problems we face.  Just don’t expect anything will be used.  The Obama vision is the only way to go!  Don’t worry about getting more jobs now.  We want more tax money!  He cannot let the rich avoid his tax attack!  However, it seems the 2004 election mandate was based on promises by Obama to cut deficit in half, decrease unemployment to 5%, plus immigration reform were all to be handled.  So the mandate promises are gone like last election promises of  other mandate presidents.    Now, Obama raises his shield to deflect any other view as irrelevant since HE HAS A MANDATE to tax the rich.  How about his mandate by the law of our constitution to propose a budget for our federal government for the year?  He hasn’t bothered doing that for 3 years.  Can he do this in year 4, finally?  This would be either an impeachable failure of the executive, time for another Obama speech!  (In the corporate world, you would be fired immediately for failure.)

The mandate demands that Obama do some work instead of more speeches.

Santa may miss the White House due to fiscal cliff.

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