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Catholic church welcomes rich and poor to help each other!

October 21, 2012

There is joy in heaven with laughter on earth!

The 2012 Al Smith fund-raising dinner for Catholic Charities is a special window into the heart of the USA.  Yes the 1% spends a great deal of time and money in this charity event.  Perhaps they should feel guilty on having fun in a luxurious banquet.  We are instructed to love another and help each other.  Does this mean we all must wear sack cloth and roll in ashes to prove how much we care?  (For those who don’t know anything in the Bible, Jesus loathe the hypocrites who posed as suffering while living like gluttonous, lecherous, envious hypocrites.)  Anyway, Jesus would be at this banquet, and maybe even making some wine from water to satisfy his mom.  Jesus as the Son of God came to earth to give us the path to salvation and live as a man to show we can reach salvation even with our flaws and imperfections.  The Al Smith banquet helps many people suffering through the funds distributed into charitable acts through Catholic Charities.  Obama wants government to reduce tax deductions for charity donations, like this banquet.  Obama won’t care because he still will appear on all the television shows for free publicity.  The families on the verge of despair living in poverty during the Obama recovery, rely on food pantries, food stamps, and yes charity from churches as well.  What a helpless feeling for parents to rely on charity.  Catholic Charities want those in need to seek out help through their help.  What makes the Catholic Church unique is that the poor can help the rich as well.  The rich need the helping hands of the poor to assist in the work of Catholic Charities to reach those needing.  An example of the joy of good works can be seen in this banquet honoring humanitarian Al Smith.  This legacy remains alive and vibrant today.

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