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Puppet Masters Axlerod and Gibbs pull strings. Obama dumped weapons in Libya.

October 15, 2012

The puppet masters on the right and left hand of president puppet.

During these times of sadness mourning the deaths in Libya, why are political hacks speaking for the White House?  David Axlerod and Robert Gibbs are not on executive staff of our president.  Axlerod and Gibbs have no access to official information only shared with the chief executive of our USA.  How and why can Axlerod and Gibbs give anything except an opinion like any average working stiff?  Why does the president use political henchmen as representing and explaining what Biden meant and what Obama knows.  How does this carnival of political sideshow clowns dignify the deaths of Libya?  How do the political clowns fit into speaking to the USA, while our president remains silent? One last very troubling question remains; Did  Obama give the weapons of rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns for the overthrow of Libya?  Did these weapons became “fast and furious” as the weapons to kill our citizens?

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