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Nobody is that dumb! Or is it an Obama drone?

October 14, 2012

DRONE: a person who lives on the labor of others; a parasitic loafer.

If “we didn’t know about Libya attack” who did?

Biden claimed that “we didn’t know” about the need for security help in Libya at request of ambassador.  Who is “we”?  The citizens of our country expect the chief executive to be in control of his operations.  Of course, Obama was jetting to Las Vegas fund-raising event and could not take time to sort out facts.  A cover story seemed more convenient, so a YouTube video nobody saw became the problem.  The security experts begging for more security staff to protect our ambassador never got their  request considered.  “We” were too busy to worry about 9/11 terrorists reprisals.  “We” don’t bother attending security briefings. “We” don’t listen to military or CIA if it don’t fit what “we” want to hear.  “We” are lazy incompetent brilliant smart ass know it all.  “We” can’t be blamed for staff getting killed, because everyone knows those are dangerous places in Libya.  However, “we” had no idea they were dangerous places that required security staff!  Obama staff are drones who live off a record executive budget that throws money and limousines to all his Uncle Tom staff.  We the people know liars and lazy incompetent boobs.  We seen Jimmy Carter and he was better organized than Obama.  Obama spin doctors like Axlerod and the whole executive branch are drones who suck up our tax money to live like royalty.  We the people know Obama apologizing in UN about YouTube video 2 weeks after our dead were flown home defiles the sacrifice of these 4 as meaningless.  Obama obviously knew that video was a smoke screen Obama created to hide his incompetence, treachery, and disregard for those who serve the USA.

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